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1. To be eligible for appointment as exclusive stockist, you are required to make first time lump sum purchase of RM1,800 from Khaira Wholesale. Purchases must be made through the website You will be eligible for Stockist's Price on your second purchase and Next, which will be much cheaper than the normal wholesale price. (Stockist price list will be updated via whatsapp after your registration is complete). Stockist Price includes shipping charges. You will be charged for shipping costs if you want to ship the items abroad.

2. Registration fee is RM150. You will get 20 pieces Inner Scarf warda (full coverage) and a Sifu FBads book by Sifu Jamal. This registration is charged only once, but it is subject to amendments and terms.

3. Only one person is registered as a Stockist for one registration. If the management find any sign of cheating or manipulating a third party as a Stockist, the company will not hesitate to terminate the registration immediately.

4. Transactions will be carried out in cash / western union / Paypal (5% service charge imposed on buyer), debit and credit cards (4% servive charge on the buyer) only.

5. Khaira Wholesale will not bear the cost of shipping to outside Malaysia. Shipping costs to Brunei, Singapore, and other countries will be charged based on weightage (Kg).

6. Pictures of Model in our products with watermark (logo placed in KW images) will be provided (upon availability) by the management to all our Stockist for promotional activities in all online platforms. Pictures may be taken from the website.

7. SUPPORT GROUP will be provided to allow you to trade for a congregation. FREE CONSULTATION & business advice at any time (online, ie whatsapp or e-mail). SUPPORT from the management as well as Business Tips How To Trade and sell our products to the market.

8. The Company will not sell products on behalf of the Stockist, and will not be responsible if the goods are not sold. However, we will assist in terms of tips and advice to the distributor from time to time.

9. Stockist must renew status annually. Methods of stockist renewal program will be given via email.

9. The completed form with one copy of the identity card / passport and 1 copy 1 SSM copies (if any), should be sent to the address of the company in NO 41-1, JALAN KF1, KOTA FESYEN MITC, AYER KEROH 75450, MELAKA, within 1 month period. If the company does not receive the letter within 1 month, distributor cancellation will immediately be enforced.